my ride

this is my ride with my spare. hope you like them. i do !!!





Nice bikes mate. I like the old ZXR 750s proper bikes! My favorite the H2 in Red, black and silver.

Ah yes, the 7’s Dada !!

Love the colour scheme!

they are old but still look the part. just had a call from the dealer servicing the zxr. cam chain tensioner has broken into 3 pieces…OPPS… glad i put her in for service now. could have been nasty!!!

Nice bikes, how comes all of you guys can afford to have two bikes rather than one?

I only have one and struggle to keep just that one so its not just you Andrea.

need two just in case one wont start.

The thing is that kwakanut forgot to say that he cant ride them properly yet,check out the chicken strips!!!

Hiya Andy!


we shall see at the weekend ade anyway, pete told me spend the day at work with your bike on it’s paddock stand running the wheel against a brick to get your chicken strip’s

see ya dude !!!

It’s not fair, is it??? On the other hand, how would we explain to our babies that they have to stay at home whilst we go out on the other one???

Kwakanut, if it doesn’t start you don’t talk enough with it. Do you say good night, stroke the tank when you have to stop at the lights and generally pay enough attention?

I talked to my baby the other day standing at the traffic lights, didn’t realise I had my lid open and the car driver next to me (window open) gave me a few funny looks .

Love the kwak… Got a soft spot for the old ZXR’s My 1st big bike was a red and black ZXR400. miss it big time.

I told ya before mate,i use a sander to get rid of mine and anyway,maybe this weekend i may not have to keep stopping to let ya catch up!


only time you bleeding stop is when you run out of petrol !!!

still got my first bike! the old vfr 400 nc24. still goes like a rocket.

oh!!! i talk to mine alright. they get more love than i do i even sing to her ! but not with me lid open at traffic lights