My ride out today in the Alps

had a lovely ride out today with some friends, the alps are only 45 minutes away from my apartment.




Look at you layiing about without ya Modadishoo Shroud…

Didnt take you long to “Buck Up” with the Krauts did it !!



You lucky bugger.

Im officially jealous!

Real nice shots Oodie! Looks like you’re settling in, eh?


Yeah it does look that way Jay,

I live in Munich, Germany, moved here 9 months ago. its really not what i expected, i’ve never lived anywhere but london, and had no idea that there are countries with constant nice weather. and i can go through 5 countries and be back at home on the same day!..

Alps are just beautiful, and being so close to my flat, i think ill be going there more often.

I work for Qimonda, AG., look at their website if you’re interested in applying.

nice pics oodie, weather looks better than the ****e we had yesterday!!! keep safe fella

hold on, you’re not just wearing a t-shirt???

i reckon this must be an german oodie-impersonator. is this prince ludwig?

LOL… aren’t you observant!.. Mr. Bravo.

Tis true, the Kevlar T-shirt days are over!..