My ride Home

As I have had a broken leg and been unable to ride for the past few months a friend of mine has been giving me a lift home most nights, hes also my ride to the Ace and an all round GOOD friend.

So I though it only right to post a pic of his bike this was taken a few days ago outside my shop and has a Spec to match its looks!




What a lovely bike!!! I like it Sad to hear about your leg mate, quick recover mate!

Leg was broke in June im now recovered-ish but thanks

OUTside? That second picture looks distinctly INside to me!

Very pretty bike, by the way. Scary, but pretty.

Marlim’s bike is nuts, and he just keeps putting more stuff on it… love it. Oh and clinton we went to Daytona yesterday and found a nice 749 he might buy, looks the nuts too!!!


Very smart. You should get him to join up and post up about it in more detail!

Hope the leg’s healing mate…

That bike is wicked mate! I love it!

Mim become a LBiker not going to happen… Ill post the Spec when I get home

Terry Everyone loves it,and very soon it will be getting even more money spent on it Oh___s!

Its better than a gixer then for sure!

Da Artist

I love the bike albeit a little small… maybe i am just gulliver in the world of the lilliputians… maybe one day i will be attacked and pinned down with string by my hair… maybe i’ll just stop!

I have two little ducati minimotos and i think we should stick two fingers up at the law and ride em like the cowboys ride their horses…bareback…no my good friend with valour and courage.

once a place to ride them but now a place to get stopped on them by the fuzz and get crushed.

Still i find if you desguise them as large bushes when you move along the old bill dont reaslise that the hedge is moving - aha one up to the avergae joe.

The leg - it has healed as you are strong - if you were weak of made of chocolate then you would have been eaten by a large bird of prey - ospreys season i hear.

Getting stronger by the minute


YOUR WEIRD so STOP talking to me

…Do post picx of the mini motos though.

Da Artist do you work in Hein Gericke in Stockwell?

EDIT: I’ll understand if you don’t want to reveal that info.

HARROW/KENTON Come say hey!

chatted to him a few times, he was done a lot of quality work on that bike, not to mention the cash involved. need to give him a buzz actually as was going to make use of some of his cast offs from the mods

like what he did with those pig spotter mirrors - was admiring up at the ace a week or two back. had a similar idea using some blind spot mirrors but need to make something to stop them fouling the master cylinder hose



Wow i love that, does make the most of the mods when he’s riding

Although not too sure about headlight covers in what looks to be either night time or just really dark…

wouldn’t be too concerned on that on the r1 mate. seriously strong HID light

car drivers seem to think i’ve got full beam given the flashes from oncoming traffic and cars slowing to let me pass (when i’m just crusing behind them at a safe distance)