My rant!

I had my tax disc stolen end of last week well Friday night so first thing Saturday morning I ring the Police, I was due to go on a rideout with Andrew so wanted it sorted. Anyway I ring the police and tell them and guess what!!! The said well although your taxed and legal if you ride the bike and we catch you even if you have paper work to say you reported the theft to us we will arrest you anyway and dish out a £1000 fine!

Fantastic hey I couldnt believe it! Theres me reporting it stolen totally legal and innocent yet I am supposed to not ride the bike because some little git has had my tax disc away and snapped my hugger and ripped the bolt out in the process! I sat at the Police station waiting ages for a crime number and got another lecture! They even asked if my bike was outside the station! I couldnt believe it if I had my bike there they would have done me there and then! Luckily I had the foresight to think they would be that nasty and took Karens bike down there instead!!!

Was not happy! The fookers!

Penalising the victims of crime is clearly the way to get you on side for future assistance with their enquiries.

Really sorry to hear this, did you remonstrate with the officer in the station?

I may not be correct in this but I was under the impression that the police could only report you to the DVLA for no TAX and it was up to them to sort it out. Obviously if you were reported for no tax they would see from their records that you were taxed. They would then look at the offence of not displaying the disk, this could be counteracted from the police report of it being stolen.

Perhaps one of the constabulary could clarrify.

I wanted to give the bloke a slap I really did and wake him up out of his jobs worth dream land. I mean why the hell would I go to the Police station and report and announce that my bike is not fitted with tax if I wasnt legal and above board! It makes me sick it really does! Its cause I am an easy nick! I walk right into the station handing myself in! Not to mention the criminal damage to my bike the breaking of a £60 hugger too!

Oh and guess what I have got to pay £7 for a replacement tax disc so for my troubles I have had a telling off by the police, got to que up for hours in the DVLA office and pay 7 squid for a new tax disc!

Reminds me when I visited Snow Hill nick to report my bike stolen last year. They had a jolly good laugh when I told them I had only had the bike 5 days. Didnt laugh when I told them it was the third one I had had nicked in Farringdon in 4 years and that my thoughts on their crime detection where less than great. Problem seems to be that bikes are not seen as important as cars etc.

Blimey, but at least you got ride of the chicken strips eh? So not a complete waste of a weekend LoL

True mate. Cant believe I managed to get off the edge of my tyre been trying to do that for such a long time!!!

Charming, I bet you are glad to know where your taxes go?!

Thats whats annoying whether the offence is failure to display or not when you report it and you are legally taxed they should give you some breathing space to sort it instead of getting all stroppy. Some old bill are such jobsworth w*&kers!

I never display my tax, for the very reason that it may be nicked, never had any probs even when pulled.

Terry …

Did the copper actually say these words that you stated “we will arrest you anyway and dish out a £1000 fine”.

If he did he is taking crap, as has been already stated, you would be reported to the DVLA, and there is just no way you would get arrested for it.

If that was said to you at a Station (most stations have cctv and audio recording on their front desks) then you should def complain. There is no way any copper should speak to someone reporting something to them like that. To be honest, I’m really surprised about this.

In the meantime, ride your bike as you normally would, just have a note of the Crime number and if you get pulled produce that if questioned about the tax disk. You’ve already paid your yearly tax and it’s been stolen so no court in the land would touch you … trust me.

Yup he spoke to me like that unfortunately on the phone rather than at the station


Off to get my replacement tax disc after work got to shoot over to Borhamwood to get it and pay £7! Bassa’s!

It’s on record that you have tax Terry, so you should be ok…

I don’t desplay my tax, I carry it in my wallet… Had mine stolen before too…

got pulled for small plate last week and got 30 pound fine, copper said he was going to report me for not displaying tax, till i pointed out it was displayed (tax disc holder attached to front mudguard bolt, not exactly invisible) twat!

he even filled out the ticket wrong, so if i could be arsed to go to court i wouldnt have to pay it double twat!

but luckily for him i cant be arsed to go to court as i was about 100 miles from home so the petrol/tyres day off work would cost me more than the fine, and i owe my friendly lawyer too many favours for something as petty as a single line plate

best bit was copper said he rode a yamaha vrf1000 ???

must of been built special coz i never heard of one before

multi twat!