My race bike for 2006!

As you youngsters are so fond of saying… “Ave it!”

Full spec can be found here:

I will be collecting it when I get back from Korea.

Hope I can find a practice day in December, I can’t leave it in the garage for too long!

(It might get ideas from the 660:whistling


Love supermotos … but I think that the skill level for competing on one of those is quite a bit beyond mine!

Good luck!!!

LOL - I bet ya a tenner I fall of on the dirt at least twice - in the first race of the season!

Actually, its at Lydd, make that the first lap!

Pete! that’s a darling bike you gor there mate! Well done!

I think you gotta use the term racing kind of loosely… more like, slowly going round the track !

Only joking, sweet ride… I like the whole heal-down-back-out thing…

Wot ya gonna do with the 660?

Now that looks nice. Let us know when you are at Lydden and if free I shall come along to give you some support and hopefully get some happy snaps of you upright as opposed to in the dirt.

Very nice Pete! Though are you feeling ill?? It’s not a KTM?!?!?! Best of luck for next year, PLEASE keep us informed of how it all progresses, we love racing, us

Ooooh… that looks rather nice… I like it very much…

I luv it, startin to drule on my computer…, Very nice indeed…

I’ve no idea mate!

Seriously, I’ve now got 4 bikes and although I don’t NEED to sell any, I think at least one will be going.

First consideration should really be the GSXR750, the amount of spares I have for it is amazing!

Front end complete, swing arm, shock, wheels, ECU etc. All road stuff apart from seat unit (I raced with the STD seat on and it’s a bit tatty now!) They alone would be worth a few of your english pounds but I haven’t time to do the whole E-bay thing.

I’m thinking of putting it back together and selling it as a package for someone who wants to get more serious about trackdays or racing.

Ell - if you have any ideas about the 660 - lets hear 'em!

Thanks for all your positive comments guys / girls.

I know it’s NOT very orange but I’ve always rated CRF’s. The fact that it’s for race / practice days only should mean the rather intensive care required shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s a MISguided missile!