My R6

…and it gets ridden too…

Sweet bike and wheelies Luke

…Nice one Da Artist

i like the black screen and light covers! looks well nice


nice bike and the wheelies are good too

nice bike fella.

i take it them wheelies were being practiced on private property

So its been repaired after the stoppie went wrong then? Thought you were giving up bikes. May catch you out and about sometime.

It’s a completely different bike…

It was hard breaking - not a stoppie…

I did give up bikes for a few months, but I’m back.

A stoppie:
Explore Luke Leary

A **** wheelie, and then back up again:
Explore Luke Leary

…never overtake at a junction kids:
Explore Luke Leary


The “…never overtake at a junction kids video” was Quality

Just found this on your photobucket pics…

Comedy value

I really do hope this isnt what it looks like.

I hope thats an old spare lid you just use went stunting and plz say that wasn’t knee down pratice in the video link above lol

whens your next ride out?

with way you ride and how rude your bike looks you’ll take the HEAT off me!!!

Haha, I’m always up for a blat mate. Give us a PM.

Where have you been? Locked up?

Do you think it’s wise posting images of such antics with your number plate clearly visible?

Must admit , I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing

Must just be waiting for the knock on the door as we speak

This is something that has been pointed out by various people to Luke for the year or so I have known him, so he’s either retarded, or doesn’t care or both