My poor ol Zed!

Hi All -

Thought i would share in my anguish… I was woken up on Saturday morning by the cafe owner from a few doors down, asking me to come look outside…

There he was lying on the ground, my little Zed had been knocked down in the night - Front fairing, tank, rear fairing, engine, gear lankages… all smashed!

here’s hoping Daytona can do a good job in fixing him up! :hehe:

Unlucky dude, that is seriously bad, I am guessing the person did not leave their reg or insurance details…You have to suffer on your insurance…not good, not good at all…

unlucky m8,had the same happen to my car sometime ago,my so called nabour hit my car drove off,see him later and explained it to him,twat.people are rubbish,bust of luck with your repairs.if your not fully comp u can put aclaim into the m i b,unknown driver.

Hey guys… thanks - and nope not fully comp… my first year riding, so been trying to build up some no claims etc… Typical really - well spoken with my landlord and he is letting me lock up my bike in the locked courtyard now! :smiley:

Expensive lesson though!