My Podcast experience

I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the Podcast due to be released this week. Hopefully I won’t sound as bad or as nervous as I felt recording this with Foxy, Matt and chuffster.

I had to meet Matt and the others at a pub near the junction of the A40 with the A5 for six. Any one who has to endure the circus which is the QA5 near kilburn high road will hopefully have some sympathy with my plight. I work in Watford and had to try and get there for six, when I finish at Five. This may not sound to bad to those of you who know London well, but I was dead wqorried that I would get lost.

To ensure a prompt appearence I sloped off from work early and rode down. Clearly the gods of misdirection and confusion were holidaying at the time because I found the pub we were due to meet in and had loads of time to spare. Ghana v Brazil on Telly so entertainment arranged decided to get a light libation and wait for the others.

Trip to the bar for a Newcastle Brown Ale, to be told we don’t do that. What is wrong with London Pubs, why dont they stock it ? Settled for a pint of Pride (as it was the only draught beer on). Sat down and jsut began to watch the match, when like an imp Matt appeared at my shoulder and introduced me to some of his co-horts from work.

Shortly there after Matt convinced me that following the little darlings bottling him a few weeks back that it would be good to put my bike in compound. Looking around the local council mistake, I was inlcined to agree and deposited my bike next to his.

We were soon joined by Foxy and Chuffster and then set off to the studios to record the podcast. The studios at Matts work are really nice and it was easy to settle down and for the session to Begin. We were being joined live by phone by MacP and had the engineer (Richard) had some trouble setting up.

Matt had to try and record the intro repeatedly, but we all started laughing, making it near impossible to make progress.

Finally it all began to flo and I wasn’t the slightest bit conscious of the fact that I was gonna be listened to by many hundreds of you lot in the podcast. It was all over far to quickly. We went thorugh the topics set ofr that discussion and tried our best to all contribute in a worthwhile way to the broadcast, I hope I didn’t tlak over any one else and that what I said actually made sense.

Recording over, lots of water and a few beers took thier toll and I had to visit, what IMHO are the nicest Loo’s in London.

Back to the Pub to put the world to rights and managed to have a good chat with Foxy and Chuffster. Matts work unfortuatley called upon him to go the Gibson guitar’s for some sort of recording session, its bit rock and roll his life seemingly. Told him that if they hadn’t nailed any guitars down that they must be free samples and would he mind collecting them for me.

So, end of night on what was a warm summers evening meant ride back to Harrow with enoguh time to call in on Jo and them home.

I want to thank every one involved in this Podcast, especially Matt Who’s vision and Drive has got it off the ground. If you are asked to go there and contribute jump at the chance as its such a worthwhile experience.

Finally I had to do a sound level check, just hope that my rendition of Robin Hood wasn’t recorded. Hopefully this Podcast will be up tonight or tommorow night.

Was good to see a new face there and I think you would have to agree, its quite fun. Would be good to have more people from the site go along, I am sure that there is something worth chatting about and you will become more well known on the forum for it.

Big thanks to Richard, the sound man. Not a biker but spending his own time helping us lot. Suggest he gets a few beers in his direction at some point in time.

Bloomin Northerners, Pride is a great session beer - preferably not with Lemonade in but then he was riding his bike home so I shall have to let him off.

Possibly the campest podcast yet…

Nice write-up Dan, and looking forward to hearing this week’s podcast.

Anyone who hasn’t heard any of them yet - why not? They’re brilliant - the banter is far more enjoyable than anything Evans or Moyles could put together, and you get to hear useful info too.

Respect to all involved,


I look forward to hearing it, Dan! But you know of course, that all out-takes get recorded

Me I’m Robin Hood I am let see if its in the Podcast

Fantastic! How cool is that ! Thanks Dan I’m truly humbled.


What? With a short bread type topping?

Can’t wait to hear this one, lol