My piles shook outa my Ar$e

Just rode 100 odd miles bringing this home, but the grin factor was worth it :slight_smile:

Just got to learn to ride it now :smiley:

oooooooooh mr terry.

that is lush!!!:smiley:


noth this wkend but next. BCR it is!!:smiley:

Defo got to come on a BCR now :wink:

watch out for them walls :slight_smile:

You old poof! That’s nothing! :smiley: (now you know what it’s like)

Can you kick it?

did it once and shat myself. gotta remember that a bike can’t keep up with a moto on it’s home turf;)

but god is it fun!:smiley:

Kick it ?

Never stalled it …1st time pull away me :smiley:

Start. As opposed to using the button.

Blimey:w00t: Look forward to seeing you on it:D

I know wot you ment, just playing with ya :smiley:

No probs kicking, got a XR, that took a few kicks :wink:

True. Forgot about that.

Have a good time on it, keep it shiny side up etc.
And don’t let people on IL4s roast you for the lack of hp sauce! :slight_smile:

I’ll wear me thong for Mrs Jets :smiley:

Oooh! Can’t wait :smiley:

Cheers G :wink:

That looks clean, I’m looking forward to do some SM Friday night ride outs :wink:

Think there gona start next friday :wink: and a westside BCR :smiley:

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Make sure you always have some tools in your back pack, also some spare bolts and cable ties (orange ones). Keep checking all bolts and use Locktite :wink:

Best I buy a back pack then :smiley:

Cheers Mate :wink:

Congrats tel looks mint. If you need help on 1st oil change let me know cos oil runs thru frame and needs bleeding.
I’ll be back on road next few weeks so will be up for a Friday moto run :slight_smile:

Cheers Dhofty, be good to have some help 1st one Mate :wink:

Lanes out windsor/bracknell way are quite good…were get AdamH leading, its his manor :smiley: