My pictures from Streetfighter Sunday


Click on the link below and enjoy the pics

must have missed you buddy…

good wasn’t it!

It was mate

I was near Jason behind the barriers

Nice Job terry

Ok gallery sorted (kindof) and all other detritus removed.

good shots there Tel, first we gotta get yer knee down then we’ll make a snapper of you yet

Thank you Andrew your work is very much appreciated!

As for knee down I have decided it aint evry gonna happen

Great shots Terry, thanks for sharing them! The AWOL guys look more pro this year round, good on them.

Nice shoots Terry it was a wicked show

I must be in the minority, i thought it was shlt.

The awol boys were good, the music outside was crap (not my taste), no room in car park and full of poxy fooking tourists!

Bet it aint on next yr! well not at the ace anyway, lol.

Wow, some really cool lids there.

Where do I go to get one of those custom lids?