my overtaking vid!

Here is a vid i took on the way to work. Alas, not on a bike, rather a 1968 landrover…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

may have to do a bike one somehow…???:hehe:

glad to see you are easily amused… However, would you not be better concentrating on what you are doing instead of videoing yourself while driving?
Make sure you don’t tilled your next video: “I took down a biker because I was a tw@t. RIP” :ermm:

yea what frog legs said…that and you just convicted yourself of speeding well done with that. On the plus side your accent is pure class:D

Oh dear, next time please include your registration mark and the road/approx location. It will save the Police a lot of time and money when they try and track you down with a view to a charge of dangerous driving :smiley:

I think its a take on this muppet…

Chav in a tractor

Or so it seems… Makes the all think even more stupid not to have recognized the stupidity of the first one

great video mate…top dollor!!!/…lolol:D.


I didn’t know 68 land rovers could go anywhere near that fast! :wink: :smiley:

Nutter. One and only time I ever drove a landrover I **** myself. Like driving a bloody rudderless boat

You should be sent to prison for 12 months for driving that thing…never mind the rest.:wink: