my ouch is more ouch than yours

just reading about the engine burn well get this when I was so stupid.

I was using a soldering iron once, sitting down it fell of the table so instead of letting it hit the floor then picking it up, I went to crab it.

Yes you guest it I got the hot part, I still have the scares 10 years on and had chunks of fingures missing for weeks…

So morale of the story let the f**ker hit the floor 1st, burnt carpet is easier to replace

Oh this one could run and run!

I have a scar on my forearm from when I was about 17. A ‘mate’ at work thought it would be funny to load up my soldering iron. I’d hung it up on a peg rather than putting it in its holder (he’d previously tied the mains lead up and I burn my hand as I tried to use it) and as I moved it, the solder fell off the hot tip onto my arm.

I was an apprentice TV mechanic at the time.
He also thought it would be funny to charge up a colour tube while I was retrieving a box spanner from another part of the workshop (they charge up to about 17,000 volts). He thought it was funny as hell when I touched the last anode and was thrown back hard enough to flip me over the bench behind me.

His car had soooo many problems after that :angry:

I was lighting a fire in a hut off Loch Long in Scotland years ago and all the wood was wet so I used a fire lighter, the solid parafin type, unfortunately I lit the front before the rear so as I pulled my hand out, burning parafin dripped over my hand. Because it was still part wax I couldn’t flick it off so it carried on burning through my skin. Only lasted a few seconds but still have the scars.

haha thats nothing i once jumped into a children size paddleing pool i was 17 jks i was about 15 and broke ma little finger it was bent back so far it was touching the top of my hand but this is the bad bit the paddleing pool was inflatable :S how the f**k did i manage that 1

O.K…well some 40ish years ago, scratching around with some mates, we came across a couple of gallon cans with some sort of fluid in them, well I lit a match to look inside.:w00t:…nothing but dirty water! I done the same with the second…WHOOSH!!!Feck ME! it was like standing behind the rocket car at Santa Pod !the can went one way and me the other:D :smiley: lucky that I dont have any scars (only the nightmares) I lost all the front half of my hair my eye lashes and browes, it makes me shudder thinking about it !:w00t::D:D

Someone broke my heart once :stuck_out_tongue:

I stubbed my toe on the bed this moring:P

In my early teens I once managed to get my knob caught in my flys, now that bluddie hurt :crying:

ok so lets carry this on, what other injurys have people picked up? (that have left scares, either physcially or mentally)

LOL!!! You lot are muppets! :w00t::P:hehe:

Smashed the knuckle of my big toe (kicking hoovers is a bad idea).
Dislocated my left knee so badly (muppet at judo mangled it for me when I was 14) it has never re-seated properly.
3 disks removed from my spine.
Smashed the ‘soft tissue’ (the sockets) of both shoulders.
Fractured arm
Smashed knuckle of right hand.
Dislocated all fingers of right hand.
Dislocated pinkie of left hand.
Ripped palm/thumb muscle of right hand (to the bone!)
Bounced my back off a 6" nail at ice skating (scar still evident after 33 years).
Scar on side of head from a gang fight (I wasn’t in a bloody gang!!) where someone got a bit keen with a cut-throat razor (he was aiming for my face).
Various scars on hips, knees and elbows from falling off bikes.
Small scar on ear from being smacked with a rifle butt.

And the best bit: Broken nose (14 times!!!), but it still looks straight (long story attached to that one, which I’ll save for when you’re REALLY bored :smiley: )

I think I’m going to avoid being around you, you seem to be THE unluckiest bloke I’ve ever heard of! :smiley:

That’s not the half of it!

I’ve just lived a long time and have the opinion that I’d rather be able to say “I tried that it was great/crap”, rather than “Oh I wish I’d tried that, it might have been fun”.

I also have a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time :w00t:

i jus cryed the mental image will scar me for life

Good moral Karl, I’ve been in that myself, especially with soldering iron.:cool:

HA! beat this one, i once had a axe in my head from my next door neighbour!, maybe thats why im so dozy now! hehe:w00t: still got the scar, makes me look hard… hehe:D

Now it all becomes clear :satisfied: :hehe:

oi you! hehe:w00t:

Shot myself in the left testicle with a .22 dart when I was 15 (only the dog could hear me screaming). :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

Na, the axe in the head wins.

I am starting to think I have lived a pretty sheltered life:D

and the shooting yourself in the plums, how???