My other ride

Took the kids for a tow behind the beast, cant believe were running out of the nice weather.:angry:

Ha Ha Nice J, Whats it got in it? 750 lump?

Would love one of these, they look like soooooo much fun.

good weather, bad weather you still get wet:P looks fun tho:cool:

Its got a 1500cc supercharged rotax engine 0-50 in under 3 sec:D:D

Verry nice :smiley:

gis a go half arse:D.


nice to see ya rideing some think:w00t:

Poser!!! Gis a go :wink:

Tug your reply would easily be hit out of the park but you know how I feel about crossing the line;)

Yeah it does:cool: That looks like the kind back lanes that Moto takes the Super-Retarders on…just his has deeper water!:blink:

What’s the counter-steering like?