My other half brought me Rossi's autobiography

What a top girl! She brought it for me just to cheer me up result. It’s worked too brilliant book I am well over half way through and only had it 2 days. Very interesting. If you were thinking of getting it then do so! Very interesting to read his views on things.

Is it the new book? Nice one mate! After you have a go, can you tell me if it’s worth the money? I fancy one too

Yes it’s the new one. I have read the old one too. This new one is very very good he talks lot about his rivals and the switch to Yamaha. You get an insight as to what makes him tick.

Just bought that book for my holidays, sounded good in the weekly write ups in MCN, So looking forward to reading it…

nice one mate, I’m going to be purchasing that book also to get an insight into Valentino… Should be a good read


Sounds like a good read… Think I’m gonna go and get me a copy… cheers…

Buying one! Cheers

I have nearly finishes it now. One of the best books I have read IMO just can’t put it down and thats sayig something because I have to really be in the mood to want to read.

Nah, that books a loada rubbish it is, a right old waste a money…I’ll give yer 2 quid forrit

Ima have to go get mine tomorrow (Reading I want it on DVD)

I’ve heard so much about this, I bought it today. I’ve flicked thought the first chapter and can hear Rossi speaking, cool, looking forward to get further into it.

I was reading chapter 1 last night and it really didnt seem like Rossi talking at all except for the ‘For sure’. Looking forward to reading some more tonight before dreaming about beating Rossi on track.

What is the title of this book? I’d like to have a go at reading it too.


Thanks, Snap.

Well I past my copy onto Snap I finished it a while ago and the only thing that got me was he likes to repeat things so over a few chapters he says the same thing if youdid not notice

I got to agree with ya there “bro”, the other half this end lodged one with me for xmas and Ive done it from cover to cover…“Top Read”.

Rossi sponsored by “Osvaldo the Chicken Farmer” !!!..Quality !!.

Barro…Newbie to LondonBikers but know a few of the troops from the Ace Cafe !!

Happy New Year !!

And I’ll third the opinions here. I’m half way through, just past the Biaggi stories, and it’s a quality read.

It does sound like him, I imagine we’re sitting in Monte Carlo harbour having a cool Nastro and he’s recounting his life story. Ok, mebbe not quite, but it doesn’t appear to have been edited too heavily as there is a lot of repetition and reads as if someone with a 75% grip of the language has written it. cool.

A lot of stores, Waterstones particularly, are knocking a lot off it so get it now.

Yeah picked this up the other day from Waterstones for half price - quality read. Seems like a really nice guy - damn him!