my old Triumph Chop

This was my Triumph hardtail chop. 350cc 1972 engine, 1964 frame. No suspension, no mirrors, no indicators. . . but bloody good fun. . . when bits weren’t dropping off it!!



That looks insane mate!

That’s just lovely

Can I have a go?

Showed it to that purist I’m, ahem, ‘seeing’ and he said “hmm, not really a chop, more of a bobber, what with the standard tank, and standard front end, and …” and then I dozed off!!!

Well I think it looks fun, but what do I know?!?!

lmao, thats quite true I would class it as a ‘bobber’. . . but I thought ‘Chop’ might be a more familiar term within the forum.

That looks superb! Predecessor to the Rocket