My Noisey neighbours

2am and they start shagging with the window open…ive nicknamed her Lassie…:smiley:

only in my street:rolleyes:



nonce case! :smiley:

So I guess we should now start calling Shane “Porky”

Porky’s III - Shane is on the loose…like Moose but “newer”

Shane i’m disgusted, its not good enough mate… next time get right up to the window & stick the camera in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Shocking recording i must say.

Must try harder.

been waiting for this vid ever since you mentioned it :smiley:

you’ll end up getting locked up mate:laugh:

shoulda climbed into the room with em :smiley:

shane, you’ve gone soft:P

she’s faking. :smiley:

Talking out of experience there? :w00t:

everyone has to do it at some point.

edit: everyWOMAN


You went out onto the street to film that? WTF?

Years ago I lived in halls of residence at uni. One guy had his gf over a few nights a week and she was so loud she woke up the whole floor. At first we all thought he was watching p0rn really loudly, cos it didn’t seem real. Then when we realised it was real, the rest of the floor and I would gather outside his room, and once she’d finished pretending to orgasm we’d give give them a huge round of applause with party poppers and whistles and lots of cheering, “Bravo! Bravo!”. I think they went her her place after about the 5th time of us doing this.

Maybe you should do that next time Shane?

LOL Shane! That’s impressive.

taking it up the rear maybe?merv da perv recording.LMAO

Mrs smiled made me do it Freebitchbaby:cool:…honest as muck!!!:laugh:smiled.

Erm, it’s kinda creepy, recording it. But that aside, she sounds like she was having a whale of a time, and now I want some.


I like this one too!

dude you are a proper ferkign wierdo!

you need help!! :smiley:

Next time, don’t talk all over the bloody top of it.