My next other bike?

I sold one of my bikes the other day. I’m thinking of getting and old CBR1000f. Summit like this:

I can go 2up on it, unlike the one I just sold. The alternative if a ZZR1100. Do y’all got any advice? - £1500+/-

if you like honda: or you can get both of them :smiley:

With this you can get 4! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I like your thinking!:w00t:

demonbiker aka craig is selling his ZZR1100;)

The first one is a bit like this:

Yeah, I’ve seen how he rides it!

Get a GPZ1100 and ride through essex helmetless singing ‘Take My Breath Away’?

Mr Gold, apparently it was a 900…

Although, hopefully Sneaky won’t need the tie downs on the front wheel :smiley:



I assumed Sneaky would need the other 200 cc! :slight_smile: :smiley:

I doubt that wally Sneaky could handle just 200cc!:blush:

why don’t you take a look at demonbiker’s ZZR1100? its in the for sale section :slight_smile: it’s looking mint, clean and well looked after, i would say worth a peek …:smiley:

I seem to be obsessed with ZZRs, got two of them. They are like armchairs, very comfy even with two up :cool:

I picked up this today:

Massive miles on it, hope it’ll be ok…£850:blink: so had to try go for it!


That sounds like a steal… looks in pretty good nick in the photo as well… I thought these were designed to do crazy miles so would not worry too much?

Just enjoy it! :smiley:

Will you be BCRing it? :w00t:

They should be good for 150k if they’re looked after right?

Nice looking bike, and I see it’s ready for the full touring luggage.

You can bet your sweet bippy I will!

Its done 60k!:blink: And when I got to HPI it at nearly midnight last night it came up as Cat-D. Sipermoto (on here) said that it was bloody-nose time! It did get very hot when I left it running in a village on the way back:pinch:


i see you goign past the shop earlier, i knew it was you!! i couldnt see what biek you was on tho, looks quite tidy for a 60k’er;)

Shop? Was that in Gants Hill?

Underated bikes , had 2 and ridden loads , long heavy and slow steering and not quite enough ground clearance BUT oh so stable and even 2 up they are about one of the quickest A to B bikes esp on bumpy roads , nice usable power as well .

yup:D you should have popped in:)

So, for us ignorant people, what is it?
Apart from a black Honda :wink: