my new wheels

well heres my new wheels!, after a lot of effort by m9 performance, they look stunning!!!


Yay…you joined my club Westie !!! All shiny !!

hehe and the bling aint gonna stop there, ive got more plans…

Looks gusty but… Why not a whole wheels polished?

gusty? wot? whats the point of having them all polished, the black brings out the anthracite colour of the bike.

You should change your name to ‘Chavfazer’

Lookin’ good

well thankyou debz, yes i may become fazchav

There blingtastic mate.

they look great westie! Did he clean your chain as well?

thanks sherri, no he couldnt cos he told me to let the paint settle on the wheels during the week, and then clean the chain at the weekend!!

I recommend that bod’s do not have a whole wheel polished unless the bike is just gonna be used as a show bike and not day to day as when they are done they look great.

BUT and there is a but the first time it comes to clean them unless you are willing to remove the wheels and all fittings to clean them.

They will never look as good as when they were first done where as just the rims are a great effect but low maintenance compared against a full polished wheel.

And as we all Know Westie loves paying attention to the rim… well so ive heard

I wondered how long it would take before you made the rim joke

oh yes love, you know all about that…