my new tomtom rider

Hey decided with the money from the deauville going, i was gonna buy myself a new tomtom rider, the garmin unit i originally bought is fine, but its not waterproof and i like the way the rider mounts properly and securley to the handlebars. I have mounted mine on the bridge of my bars, and wired it in myself, so i can do something!! hehe. Tommorrow shall be the test route day!!

who else has one and how do you rate it?

i rate them excelent but when charly riding we keep having to do uturns because hes cant keep up with his pace

as i said last night, you are like the tomtom rider, just point and go! haha x

Yeah, TomTom sometimes guide to the strange places, weird stuff. “At the end of the road turn left” and there is no turn left there, omhg!!!

I’ve had no snags with my TomTom Rider so far. It has tried to get me down a few dead ends but thats about it.

Ohh… other than that earpiece killing my lughole!

'Tis a bit tricky mounting it on a CBR600F though. I used the longer bolts and fitted it to the Clutch lever bracket, but now I can’t use my tank bag! Doh.

no so far so good, used it to go to the ace as my little test route, im looking forward to using it when i go home to devon!.

Love mine! Sometimes the verbal stuff gets a little mixed up, but the map on screen is always clear.

Particularly love telling it to get me from A to B avoiding motorways - been down some really fun roads doing that.

yeah, i used it to route me from notting hill to the ace, it took me all round the houses!! ha ha, i think my gps tweeking skills need some adjusting!!

TomTom is realy good piece of stuff, without it I will lost hundreds times

Very pleased with mine too

just got one myself

really liking it so far, and the POI stuff with the nearby petrol stations is definitely going to come in handy (had more than one close call on that front). tried it a few times and whilst i dont always agree with the route it suggests, i’ve got the compass up on there too and you can just ride in the general direction/stick to roads you like and it’ll adapt the route as you’re going.

however couple of downsides so far

the in-the-ear earpiece is uncomfortable and a bugger to keep in place when putting on/removing your lid. the speaker earpiece you can put inside the headset is a great idea but the volume doesn’t go loud enough for me to hear it properly? anyone else found that? the headphone jack it too small for a conventional earphone jack but going to pick up an adapter and see if my sony headphones will work with it

i’d quite like it to have its own speaker so if you dont have the headset/it runs out of batteries you’re not relying only on the screen (and when you’re using it in a car) guess that’s to do with the waterproofing tho?

the traffic info seems dubious. went to the goodwood revival yesterday and got tucked up on the a3 due to some accident/breakdown involving a horse transporter. the traffic info said there was no traffic incidents en route - i beg to flippin differ! however, it was great to know we had an alternative route handy if the tailback was further than it was. only a couple of miles as it turned out

My tomtoms are great, but I feel awkward having to take both hands off the bars to play them.

Seriously I was gonna get one too, but given my reluctance to ride in the rain it might now have to wait until next year.

just dont try and find Hoath in Kent with it. It will send you via Timbucktoo.

My tomtom rider is the nuts,no problems as yet.I have downloaded the voice of John Cleese and that makes for a very interesting journey.

does anyone wanna sell me their’s?..

How much can i get one for, and where’s the cheapest place?

Talk to Charly CBR600 on here mate,
He’s THE source!

ginger needs a tomtom it has arrows which way to go round the roundabouts