My new SXV

Got my new SXV t’other day :smiley:

This was it when I bought it:

This is it now :smiley:

Having loads of fun with wiring, etc :doze:, but hopefully won’t be too long before she’s road worthy and I’m back on the road!

didnt want to use this opportunity to buy a different bike?

I did consider it, but wasn’t quite finished with the old SXV when it got robbed - this ones got all the bling too so it is pretty much a different bike anyway :wink:

Looking good!

looking real good… :slight_smile:

why is it not roadworthy?

Cheers gents - It was converted to a race bike so just putting all the road bits back on - lights, legal tyres, etc :slight_smile: When it was originally converted to a race bike most of the connectors had been cut off, so I’ve become very familiar with the wiring schematic! lol

Very Nice!

Thinking of changing smc and sxv550 crossed my mind, good it wasn’t for to long :smiley:
Don’t know why, but I am scared of costs of owning one … read to many horror stories probably …

Please let us know; how is living with the dream bike, keep us updated :wink:

Fun bikes but don’t they need a service every week or so? :wink:

Sweet looking ride dude.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing it.
Hopefully you will be able to enjoy this one longer than the last.

Phuck that, I’m lookin forward to having a go on it!:w00t: Thats lovely :cool:

i was going to reply to sneaky you’d love to BCR that…and he’s already confirmed it :smiley:

tidy looking bike…many hours on it?

Mariusz - it’s only got 12 hours on a ‘Cal motor’ mate, so it should run and run. :slight_smile:

Redline - same as any supermoto really, just change the oil often and give it a bit of TLC. The UK SXV Guru ‘Cal’ (Paul Calvert) has resealed and rebuilt this engine so it shouldn’t have any problems :slight_smile:

Mark - cheers mate, I’ve got ‘extra security’ for this one :wink:

Sneaky - will get out on a BCR when it’s legal, so maybe you can have a go and I get to have a go on the ‘beast’ ? :smiley: I haven’t ridden it yet myself and I must admit I’m cacking myself a bit cos of the silmoto exhaust, slipper clutch and quickshifter! :smiley:

GP - I think it’s got 12 hours on a rebuilt engine, plugged the dash in the other day for the first time and it’s only got 700 miles on the clock :wink:

I’ve got new tyres, plastics and GFX kit coming so I’ll update the thread with progress.

About time!

very nice!!

Looks awesome and I’m really glad you got another SXV, fingers up to the thieving scum :smiley:
I always loved those bikes, and thought about getting one a couple of times, but like motodrb, bit worried.

Now get a good Almax and chain it down properly!

Cheers Baz - you know it mate, still no insurance money but couldn’t wait :wink:

Cheers nivag :slight_smile:

Cheers driesie - It always is almaxed mate when at work/home, can’t lug that chain around with me though so have taken ‘other measures’ when I’m out and about. Nothing to worry about with these bikes if they’re set up right mate - I put over 5K miles on my old one and no problems. The only thing you have to worry about is keeping the front wheel on the deck :cool:

I’m cacking myself cause I dont know what the silmoto exhaust, slipper clutch and quickshifter are?:blush: Who are you calling the beast?:blink:


Cant wait to see it in the metal!:cool:

Your honda mate! :smiley: :Whistling:

that link don’t work Pat - found it anyway, my old bike which hadn’t been resealed at that point - it did another trouble free 5K after that - this new bike’s engine has been ‘properly’ re-sealed already