my new supermoto

can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow


Ah! Very nice Midlife Crisis! Great colours! It’ll be a blast to ride, and like you said in another post, you WILL end up riding like a **** on it, at times. They beg for disobedience, you can ride anywhere on them, i.e. over islands, roundabouts, big kerbs, VERY big kerbs, loose soil, etc… You go where you need to, to make progress. You also ride like that because it’s bloody good fun! The front comes up so easily on them, if you’re not already a stunt-monkey, in time you will be!

I think some handlebar guards would be an essential mod for the KTM, with some fitted you can take the piss and clip buses, vans, walls, etc, and take no damage. The bike will also fall over quite happily and be unmarked then. Some wheel spindle bobbins wouldn’t go amis either. I have some cheap rollerskate wheel ones fitted to my DRZ, I picked them up for £10 on eBay, but I’m sure you can get better quality ones.

Enjoy I look forward to seeing it at one of the bike-meets some time!

Would you believe it. I picked up the bike and within 30 miles I’d been stopped for speeding. Got my first ever points on the way, my licence has been clean since I got it in 1989. The copper was on a mission, he said “If I’d not got you for speeding, I’d have got you for somthing else”. Looking on the bright side it could have been worse.

Anyway, the 130 mile ride home on it was hard work, but I’ll get use to the seat and vibes. It was sweet when I got it into town. And a trip to Brackens now has it sporting handlebar guards and some bobbins.

Wicked looking piece of kit, bet its great round town. Sounds like you are in hoodlum mode already. Take it easy, looks like a licence loser!