My New Ride


More your size I think Rob, and no chance of dropping it :smiley:

Unpacking another one, gonna race round the yard:D:D

Sweet ride!

Lotta smoke there mate , giving it the full beans ?

That’s what I was thinking lol!

The tyres meant to be flat at the bottom, Rob??? :w00t::w00t::):P;)

Bout the right seat height for you too :smiley:

well done, its better than what you had

Suits you sir:D

So Rob - who pimped your ride ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the fact that the guys in the background are completely ignoring you acting like a kid :D:D

Doesn’t look like your colleagues share your enthusiasm !

I wouldn’t bet on that

Least you can’t drop this one, heehee :slight_smile:

It looks like the other way around (this thing riding on you) will be faster :smiley: