My new ride

Took her for a test ride today. During the ride, had ‘butterflies’ in my tummy, my heart was pounding fast and was grinning from ear to ear … it was love at first ride :kiss:. Love how there is so much more power in the throttle and a noisy Blue flame (if I haven’t mistaken) exhaust to match. Cannot wait to pick up the new bike and go on a really really long ride :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll forever miss my 600RR and always look forward to seeing her again too

welcome to the obsession, take it easy, get some good rubber, tracker and power commander and hold on as they are ******* mental!!

Nice one Schubert. But there wasn’t a bike in that was there?

Nice! Would have to say also, there ain’t no motorbike in that clip :wink: Fireblade possibly :wink: Look forward to catching up!

Beauty of a bike that :slight_smile:

Glad to be a part of the “Wheele at every signal light” club :smiley:

Eats shoots and leaves.:slight_smile:

Who needs a bike too ride, I’ll take the model anyday

People who drive just dont get it, that a motorbike is a love affair. Each bike Ive bought, as soon as Ive seen them, its been a similar feeling to love at first sight. I just knew that each bike was “the one”.

Enjoy it! Its a stunner :slight_smile:

Is that how you felt about me Tan :wink: Its ok you can tell uncle Moto-King. :cool::smiley: you knew I was "The One"i give you my troth to :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. And the similarity doesnt end there: if it has wheels or a willy, its going to give you grief :smiley:

That feeling of ‘I’ve gotta have it’ is something that bonds us bikers, each is different, like our tastes in people. All the best for it, I’m still waiting for my new baby to arrive…TanyaD - The alternate version for women is “If it’s got tits or tyres it’s gonna be trouble” - Both are true regardless :wink:

You are so right mate

If it’s got tits or tyres it’s gonna be trouble" - Both are true regardless

This bird who tried to kidnapp me had Massive Tits and Tyres, Spare tyres around her waist. She nearly killed me when she tried to sit on my face…

So true mate…

Have a Sambuca

What’s a troth?


and I can prove I am loyal Tanya Girl. I have been supporting the mighty millwall the last 20years…

and I have a boots loyalty card?

take me as I am because this is the package :cool:

Sorry, but your balls are the wrong shape… I hate football, love rugby :wink:

Oh really!!! Oi you know im only messing don’t ya :PLeast you can av a laugh I like that :smiley: