My new ride.

Couldn’t help myself :w00t:


Enjoy! (PS we have 3 hours owing us at OMC, wanna deal?)xx:D

jealous, very jealous. nice one

I think i may need more than that :hehe:

omg sex on wheels


(and no, I’m not talking about the SCM…)

that is sexual, when are you doing the full review? :slight_smile:

Are you well minted?

very very nice! :slight_smile:


very nice :Wow:

Very nice indeed . I do like a single side swingarm . Only thing to do would be the TV ariel sticking out the tail …I hate boringcrats for making Ducati do that .

Let’s hope you don’t agree with this:


I’ve already seen it, ner ner!! :smiley:

RSV4 beat it too …

I feel a hoon coming on PJ


I’m happy for you. But now you are a git!

That is pure sex on wheels… Beautiful!

I hate you so much right now :rolleyes:


Lovely! Jealous!

Change from the Gixxer Thou or are you keeping both? :slight_smile:

Yes mate I paid in pounds sterling not Euro’s.