my new R1 woo hoo

well this is her what a bike.

Have you tried ‘A’ yet? :wink:

“A” whats that?

You went for the 08 bike, I though you were getting the 09 with big bang engine. Phew, I’m not ‘quite’ as jealous now :slight_smile:

I believe it’s one of the ‘modes’.

At the last BMM, CHEF was telling me that he was advised to stay away from ‘mode A’ until he got on the track.
Sounded like the ‘nutter’ setting! :w00t:


In that case, forget what I said! :blush:

do you live in ‘a’ mode then garret?:smiley:

Nice ride there. :slight_smile:

If ‘A’ is nutter mode I must ride my CBR in ‘V’ or ‘W’ mode !! Slowly but surely.:D:D:D

Hehe! I wish.
‘λ’ mode more like!

well had the bike since thursday afternoon and just cleared 200miles, lovin the bike absolute dream to ride. cant wait to see its full potential. happy happy joy joy

“I’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!!!” :wink:


Maybe the person giving the advice was saying more about his riding than the bike :wink:

‘a’ mode is just ‘normal’ mode on litre bikes. B and c are for if you can’t your right wrist :slight_smile:

Nice bike! Good colours :cool: