my new project!

Looking good, what final colours are you going for?

Please don’t say Lime TicTac ;):P:D

Love all the work in progress pictures! keep going mate!!

well as whole bike is centered around black and polished bits, im thinking black tank and seat and then having a really smoked red tribal all over so it shows up when you get close and the light hits it…but not 100% yet :w00t:

You gotta do something different with the wheels, black wheels look kinda ugly (IMO), just like massive tyres.

The different shades of black sounds cool tho’, but I think if you had a small hit of a really bright colour it might just set it off. If you wanna send me over a pic when your done I can get you a line drawing of your bike so you can colour it in yourself before committing?


Cheeky ******, wait til’ you see it in the fleash - you’ll be eating your words! Especially with that new nubuck seat I got :smiley:

haha ye will do fella :wink: and im polishing the wheel lips and will do a red fade on the centres if i go with the red tribal

woo got loads done today :smiley:

sneak peek of todays work:

looking good, those rearsets look tastey. Are you gonna have to mod the brake peddle to take the brake light or does it have hook?

Only just found this thread. This looks awsome! Serioulsy I’d love to do a project like this, but so far my mechanical experience is limited to cars.

Whats the story behind this build? Are you rebuilding an old bike of your own or did you buy a wreck to do up? I haven’t read every post in the thread so sorry if I missed it - but did you do up the original engine or are you putting in a new one?

Its still not the right time for me as baby is due in about a week from now(!), but later in '09 I was thinking of posting to see if anyone would like to do a joint project like this…

its got the light hook :Dand franko im the same as you, been riding all my life but never started fightering until last year on my R6 and this is my 1st major project, before that i was on cars aswell, 627bhp nissan s14 before the R6 :cool:

if you can get help to do it its a great way to learn about bikes, even with this i’ve had alot of help/advice from friends and forums like this. engine is the old engine, cleaned it all out, stage 3 dynojet kit in, k&N pod filters to got on, already had micron headers. bike was running before but had a few electrical and fueling probs to sort out, while i had it apart i just decided to go for it and make it my own

good luck with the baby fella :slight_smile:

this is it at the moment, not much left to do now :slight_smile:

Great idea. I will certainly have a go.

Ive still lot loads to do on the car. Its a 1948 Lea Francis so at 60 years old, as soon as you fix something, the next thing goes, so its a constant labour of love. Earlier this year it threw a con rod and put a massive hold in the crank case so thats a long project… But I love doing it.

Your bike looks great. She’s already looking like a Bandit - but with her own character. Are those new forks? They look brand new. Hope you’re keeping that green. Quite a head turner. Pls don’t paint her black! :slight_smile:

By the way, out of curiosity - what about cost? Do you thing you’re going to come in under the price of a new Bandit? Sounds like you will if you’re using the old engine.

Oops - just read above. But black can be cool too…!:smiley:

haha dont worry it wont be just plain black…also now playing with the idea of a candy red finish!

cost is so small, especially compared to new bikes. i bought the bike for £1250 and including all the bits aswell id say the total spent will be around £2500. thats nothing for what you get out of it.

forks are from a suzuki tl1000s just gave them a good clean and have begun to polish them up. most the bits on it are sourced from forums and breakers so its been really cheap to build as im not paying labour for a garage to do it. things like the swing arm and wheel spacers were made by people i’ve met on ride outs and forums and have come in really cheap aswell :slight_smile: its all done to looking around and asking about.

Are you gonna kick that arse up a little Mr Mo?

what he said!:smiley:

HELL YEEEE! :smiley:

thing was the tabs were welded on without having the swinger/forks/tank to really be able to see how it would look once rolling chassis was complete. now its done im either going to hammer the tabs into new position…or get out the angle grinder and chop the back of the subby off and mount the plastics at an angle. :slight_smile:

i’ve found my new look, germanic, oooo lol :smiley:

sorted the subframe today, modded the undertray to take the race seat (bandit battery fits in perrrrfect!) also polished up 1 fork, only 1 as if you have seen tl forks you’l know they have a ‘ribbed’ style anodising on them and its a B**CH to get off and smooth the forks :angry:

Bet those fork legs were a right pain in the arse. Speaking of arses, thats pretty high, looks kinda German :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news about your battery tho’ I had to fork out £60 for one of those little gel ones - and squeeze it in.