my new project!

now i’ve got pretty much everything i need to start my new build i began making a mock up :smiley:

Beautiful, Oh how I wish I had another project to do!!

Are you gonna put a 6" rear wheel (like a TL/ZX12/Busa) in. Just for a slightly bigger rear wheel?

was thinking bout the busa swap. going to get it all on the road first then go from there :smiley:

The wheels ain’t that expensive and all you have to do is get a couple of collars made up, new bearings and Bobs your uncle, there is enough room to accommodate the chain allignment. I’ve got he R1 rear on mine.

cheers for the info mate :wink: will def be looking for a wider rear when its done

looks good fella. keep us updated on it :smiley:

will do, working alot this week but then i have a good few days solid to work on it so going to try do most of it next weekend

bit of a miss match with the colours there mate :D:)

you think? dam it i was really proud of my creativity and now you’ve ruined it! :blink:

my new exhausts just arrived :smiley:

i like that green tank!! it staying that colour?? let me know if you need any standard bandit bits and bobs! ive got a fair few bits laying around now!:smiley:

not decided on colour yet, still in 2 minds… bits to go on this week include…


new bits :smiley:

engine sorted and painted :smiley:

rolling chassis!

lookin good mate!

I love black engines, they look so much better :cool:

Lookin good:cool:

What paint did you use on your engine?

hammerite smooth black :cool: depending on condition of the engine you may need to use the hammerite metal primer 1st or it will flake. mine was in reasonable nick so a good clean, degreaser, clean again so on until its all clean then block ports etc and get spraying :smiley: just waiting for sprocket and chain kit, torque arm and bolt kit to arrive and it’ll all go together! also need to find a bandit 12 stem as im using a 6 at the mo and its a touch to short

ive got a 12 stem you can have! :slight_smile:

woo! lol pm’d mate :wink: