my new paint scheme...

i have been wanting a paint scheme that takes my breath away for sometime now and havent seen one till now…

i am phoning up the painters in the morning to book the K6 in b4 the summer;)

my belovd boomarang will look like this…


are ya gonna change the basketball pic to a bird with big tits?

ooh its a bit white…:smiley:

Instead of the Jordon graphic you could have a Kangaroo

Why are you spending all that money on a paint job?? I thought it would be better to pay to have a crash frame built and then the paint job?? lol :slight_smile:

Or just cover it in bubble wrap.

Safest way for smiled’s bike… :slight_smile:

ha…ha…ha…well good news for me that i didnt win the LB most offs award then in it?:stuck_out_tongue:

yea its abit white…but this paint job has really made me perky…plus…easier to touch up if…and i do mean if…something silly happens again…:wink:


well apart from the guy hanging of the ball logo I think its all right mate.

You could change that to a blue and white smile and replace Jordan with Smiled.

look forward to seeing it finished.

If you want the paint job to make you feel perky why don’t you replace the Jordan emblem with Gsxr Rocker’s current Avatar. Got to be the best pair I’ve ever seen. Now that makes me perky! :wink:

Dude, why don’t you keep the shape of the graphics and put different fonts and logos on it? Or get someone to knock you some up?

Jordan was a legend tho’…

i like

looks good mate, looking forward to seeing the finished product

Looks good Shane, you’ll be busy keeping those wheels clean though.

Shane who’s doing it - and howmuch are they charging you???

Looks a bit gay to me :smiley:

After seeing the quailty of JasonB’s new paintjob, I’d give Grim a shout :wink:

dream machine do it apparently…couldn’t get a hold of them all day today sop gonna try again tomorrow…gonna shop around tho…its not a hard paint scheme atall to follow…

best im looking for is around £400.00 all in…but as i said…i’ll shop around…

ive just had the slingshot rebuilt by Suzuki…so will start using her for half the year and the other half…the k6…thus…reducing my odds of mullering the paint job by…well…half;).

im soooo looking forward to it tho…cant wait


£400 are you sure about that?

Maybe that was just for the stickers ;):Whistling:

or mr bump :stuck_out_tongue: