My new one-piece armoured suit / oversuit

Just got one of these and man, is it blindingly BRIGHT :smiley: They do it grey as well, but my bike’s grey so I’d be invisbe in that :hehe: Anyway, it does all the stuff a Roadcrafter does - wear it over normal clothes, get it on and off in under a minute, has a realy cosy removable thermal lining 3rd picture) and it is def more waterproof and wind-proof that an Aerostich… and it only costs $399.99 (thats USD) so it’s less than half the price. I’m well pleased with it. Only thing is it comes in fixed sizes, unlike the Roadcrafter which des custom sizing - but I seem to be their standard size :cool:

That does tick all the boxes for winter commuting.

And summer - the ventilation is brilliant :slight_smile:

How did you find the sizing?

It fits me just right - I emailed the owner of the company and asked his advice on wci size to get. But it is literally ‘just right’. If I was a fraction longer in the torso then it wouldn’t be comfortable. The fixed sizing could def be an issue for some. I’m just lucky that I fit their standard size.:slight_smile:

Dont count on it being waterproof without the liner in it, Arms leak at the elbow apart from that it is a cracking suit and very warm for winter.

Nice bit of kit that. I could be tempted. Keep us posted as to it’s performance.

It won’t stay yellow for long. Not in our winter it won’t.