My New Love

Well here it is - my lovely new (to me) 600 Bandit - all ready for when I pass my DAS


And more


You ditched Grimbo quickly enough

Congrats Debz, look forward to share some quality time with you an the bandit - he he he

Looking good!!! It looks really clean as well. Have you booked DAS yet?

Nope not booked - a few weeks of practice on the roads on my 125 first. Grim is going to use the Bandit rather than the Busa to follow me around.

He is quite keen on the bike, a bit too keen actually, cant get him off it

Now that could be interesting

That guy did look after it, it looks very clean (westie will help you keep it that clean LOL) you might have to take his Busa out when he’s on your bike!!

Nice and shinny, but not for long once you can use it.


That’s a sharp looking bike…congratulations…and good luck on your test!

Very Swish !!

Lovely looking bike.

Nice one Debz, looks like brand new

Giss a go

Congratuloids Debz - that’s a cracking looking bike! Roll on the DAS

What a stunner! Congratulations Debz! And good luck for the DAS

VERY Lovely bike Debz!

Welcome to the Badit family, wish you luck on your test

Bandits Rulez !!!

Nice one Debz

Now I just need to find where Grim keeps the busa whilst he out on your bandit…

nice bike debz…w

Well Debz…Glad ya like ya new baby.

Grim did ask for my opinion and I gave a true honest judgement on that bike…It’s a right peach of a bike you’ve got there Hun.

Good luck with ya DAS and look forward to riding out with ya both soon

oh debz, shes a stunner (and the bike too) well done love, what ya gonna call her? and i can always giver her a wash if ya like? xxx

Thanks all - as you know I am one step closer to riding it now

It will be out and about soon with ‘Grimbandit’ riding it

Westfazer - the bandits not got a name yet - however a few in mind are ‘bum’ & ‘one-armed’

what about arse? ha ha pmsl …