my new jacket

woop new purchase for £129.99 instead of £139.99 i love sales :smiley:

I like the cut of that jacket. Let us know how you get on with it over time.

i wore it down ace cafe and it blocks out most the wind only thing irritating is the cuffs but stiching is done to a good standard and got elbow and sholder and back protections :slight_smile:

Not bad at all. Reasonably priced too.

yeah nice little cheap jacket :slight_smile: cant really put a price on skin and this will protect me when **** hits the fan :slight_smile:

According to the web page it doesn’t come with back protection just the provision for you to fit one yourself.

Normally this means there’ll be some cheap foam in the protector pocket so it may feel like there’s a protector fitted but it won’t actually provide any protection.

oh right thanks pat probably is a foam one ah well better than nothing i guess lol

HG have some back protectors going cheap at £8 in their sale, they’re the higher protection Level 2 ones too.

Thanks for posting that Pat. I may just order/get one to insert into my leather jacket as it has something like the foam you described above. They say its CE approved but I don’t believe them as it looks cr@p.

I have that £8 one in my jacket. It’s about 4 layers thick and not rigid but it’s definitely got strength. Wouldn’t give you the protection of a skeleton but certainly better than the one layer foam insert those jackets come with.

I’d go for one of those kishan, well worth £8

A hard skeleton makes no difference to protection levels - see here, the top 3 are all soft ones (the Forcefield has come out best in their tests for as long as I can remember). Also in a textile jacket having a hard shell is more likely to result in structural damage to the jacket even at low speeds as the outer layer of the jacket will be trapped between 2 hard surfaces as you’re sliding down the road.

There’s also a school of thought that in certain scenarios, having a hard shell can cause more serious damage than they prevent, eg. if you’re rolling backwards it can in effect provide a fulcrum to break your neck on!

Check the shape/size first Dan, there are a few out there - my jacket takes a sort of diamond shaped back protector and I don’t think the square one would fit it.

thanks for the link, just got me one