My new (ish!) bike

Thought its about time i put up a couple of pics of my new bike. Upgraded my k2 600 to this gorgeous k5 750. Added a few extras already. DB screen, mini LED indicators, silver rim tape, Gilles adjusters (not shown!).Hope you like? Dan.





I like it because it’s a Suzuki and because it’s Blue. :wink:

lol @ pav

Thats a sweet loverly bike that, You know that if you post pictures on the forum you have to let other members have a go at the next meet…??? :wink:

Just got to get my ass to a meet again first! If you see me up the ace then say hello!

Now uve gotta take off the rear pegs…i love the look of the 750…wanna swop?..:smiley:

I would take them off but dont think my girlfriend would be too happy hanging her legs over the side of the bike! (and sorry- no swapsies :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looks luvverly :cool:

nice Suzuki