My New Husky SM610

I like it mate better in your bathroom than in the hands of someone else. It looks really smart looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Make sure your down the ace for motard night. 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Jay you gonna bring the DRZ down for that?

Finally, pictures of my SM610




Very tasty Jaffa! I haven’t seen this bike before, and love the ‘stealth fighter’ look it seems to have! If I can suggest a couple of mods? Acerbis (or the like) metal-braced hand guards to save levers and hands in the event of a whack, an after-market exhaust system and relocated tax-disc? Looks SUPERB otherwise, wow… bet it rides nice.

Can you tell me how to find a garage mate?
Westminster council
NW1 ***

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That looks sweet mate. Make sure your down the ace next wednesday to show it off!

Nice one mate