My new home ...

I am now living in Gravesend, Kent … any others peps out this way?

Looks lovely Zine although I agree, the decor doesn’t look like your taste! when you having everyone round for a house warming BBQ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Think there are a few kent bikers on here :slight_smile:

Yeah, very naff but with paint she’ll be as good as new! :smiley:

BBQ will be as soon as I can get unpacked and organised! :w00t:

btw, this will be the colour of my living room

For some reason your colour choice doesn’t suprise me :hehe:

he-he … Black is the only way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, I particularly like the motorcycle workshop that could double up as a conservatory. It even comes complete with ensuite kitchen.

Very nice, hope your happy there.

i’m only about 15 minutes away. There are loads of LBers just a stones throw from you now.

BTW Zine did i see you on Sunday morning just before midday on the a25 near reigate.

Possibly coming from Boxhill?

i’ve been saying that for years :stuck_out_tongue:

finally you admit it Chen :D:D

nice looking pad zine and plenty of parking when you chuck a BBQ :D:D

mmmmmm Delhi Bazaar 2

Diarrhea :P;)

Your ‘crib’ looks nice though, very neat.

nice one… will probably have to post mine up once it is all finished and done:) LBers welcome for BBQ, in Romford, so the BCR peeps are invited first;)

I’m about to wheel the bike in to give it a good clean … handy having the kitchen so close, so i can grab a cold one when I work up a sweat :slight_smile:

Thanks, am starting to settle in and enjoy it! :smiley:

That was me … I was out for a blast, checking out the area and ‘quiet’ road :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks mate :wink:

Just waiting for the samples to arrive, before I attack the walls! :w00t:

For sure … plenty of parking on drive way, and already have a BBQ out back, just need coals for it! :cool:

Im sure i can accomodate a bag of coals :smiley:

BTW, isn’t the dark colours going to make the living room look very very small? From the photo I haven’t seen the whole of it but doesn’t look massive. Think for that colour you need more of an open plan room the size of the whole house? Just saying:)

Nice … take it your come down the oakdene now your a local too?:wink: