My new helmet is "killing me"

I am not joking after 30min my new helmet feels like its hammering nails to the back of my head. l had size M in the same model that was way too loose so went for S feels snug but and now l cannot wear it…its LS2 flip up.

as l said had one before and was fine…
extra cushioning;)?? any suggestions guys, thanks

I assume no retailer is going to accept returns, so you have to find a way to work with it. The foam might bed down.

Cut your hair?

Remove your pony tail hair clip?

Reshape your head with a kitchen knife?

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If you still have your old one you could try swapping the padding to see if that helps?


yeah have both now tempted to ride in old one but its knackered a bit. too late for refund got it few months back, and its not straight away [the discomfort] so how would you ever know if helmet fits or not ugh ;/

See if there are different pads for it. I know Shoei and Arai do this.


I think you are supposed to watch TV in it, visor up still covered in stickers, so you can return it in as new condition if it does not suit prolonged wear.

Maybe try that anyway, just 30 minutes now and again to break it in so it may soften enough to be comfortable.

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thanks guys, so some video with a ball, you put half inflated ball in, and pump it up so it stretches the helmet. just need to find myself a football or something :stuck_out_tongue: will go with extra pads too

Have you worn it long? Often it’s just the padding bedding in.

You said you had one before but that was size m which was too loose and now s is too tight? Or did you have one in the same size?

You might want to consider that your head and the lid aren’t a very compatible shape to fit both ok in terms of size and shape.

I know that my head fitted well in a Shoei xr1100 but not in one of their other models (can’t remember name). It would kill me.

I was lucky in that the first one the guy in the hein gericke shop insisted I kept it on in shop.for about half an hour. I must have looked like a lunatic walking around with it on.

As others said, try different pads and patience if it doesn’t fit. I wouldn’t try to ‘stretch’ it at all with ball or other method. You don’t want to damage the integrity of lid by applying pressure from within! It’s for your head so if it doesn’t fit after new pads and patience, you may have to chalk it to experience, second hand for a.bit of cash, and go and try others properly in a store.

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As above size M too loose, size S too tight means you need to look at another brand or model helmet. One brand or model size M can be very different to another brand or model size M.

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