My new fire!

:smiley: v.v.v.nice
I got my fazer from a ducati show room, it was hard not to upgrade

Cheers mate!
Next step: Termignoni :smiley:


Very very nice, many congrats. And definitely get Termis, they should be compulsory for all Ducatis.

+1 :smiley:

very nice

Thanks :smiley:

Very nice, I would be keeping it under a blanket until the nice weather!

Very nice :).

Yeah, I know, you’re right Furrybiker…
but I really can’t help myself, I’m too excited!

Today it got the first rain :frowning: poor thing!
By the way, which damages could it get riding often under the rain?
Who usually rides in every condition?

I say I would keep it under a blanket, but I am sure I couldn’t resist it either. Hate getting a new bike wet for the first time, but its easier after that!

Various people have posted about using ACF-50 to protect their bikes from the grot and salt.

Nice bike … pity to get it wet … perhaps you need another scruffy one for when it rains :smiley:

ACF-50… mmm :slight_smile: