My new exhaust - Mivv GP Carbon

Bought these cans a couple of months ago! IMHO, they look great and they sound very very nice!
Only yesterday I found the “courage” to take off the DB killers…
Sounds like a thunder now… embarassingly loud for me tho :blush:
Do you think I’ll get use to it (before I lose my hearing)?

Mate, the cans aren’t the most embarrassing thing in that photo! :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, “mate”!

I like them. very posh looking

Cheers! They’re quite cheap actually :smiley:
I didn’t feel like buying Termis cos I’m thinking of changing for a Streetfighter 848 (hopefully soon).
For the money I think they are great cans indeed!

they are gorgeous

They do look good, you normally expect termignoni’s on a Ducati, nice seeing something else.

And I think he is referring to your strips. :stuck_out_tongue:

i actually really like Mivv - had an xcone on the hornet (loud) and have an doublegun on the CB1R (also loud - but insanely loud with a decat).

I would give it a few days and if you are ‘embarassed’ with the noise put the baffles back in.

easier than putting the cat back on then changing your mind putting the decat on. changing your mind again… and repeat :hehe:

+1 for MIVV, great cans.

I’ve got a MIVV can on my commuter (SV650) and it works
very well (no baffle) at getting the plugged in, (to electronic
fruit and choc, Apple, Blackberry, Galaxy, etc), peds out of
the way on City roads in the rush hour.

And a minor point…

I’ve done 15k miles with no baffle and not been pulled for noise,
so far :smiley:

Never mind fancy cans…get that bugger leaned over ffs!

Forgot to say that they’re road legal!
The Termis carbon are race use only…

Oh no, why? They’re so nice and shiny! :w00t:

My mate has got these on his Tuono and it sounds mental. They look great as well.

As mentioned before it’s nice to see something different on a Ducati. Got any other shots of the bike with them on?

Mivvs look lovely but Pat is right - Those chicken strips are worse than mine!?!

I think you’ll find keeping the dbkillers out will help you get rid of those strips! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

They do look great on the bike, nice addition :slight_smile:

Alright guys… that’s funny, I admit! :slight_smile:
But c’mon, I’m quite a new rider (only 1 year +or-), I don’t spend enough time on the bike cos I work long hours…
don’t commute every day and usually I ride only around town, what do you expect?
No man is born wise or learned! :cool:
I’d like to go for ride outs but I don’t really know anyone!
Besides, majority of people here talk like: "yeah mate I’m a pro and it’s all about super sportbikes and I don’t like this I don’t like that and the japanese fuckin bikes are the best and Oh, look how much I pushed my knee down bla bla bla :doze:
so I don’t even know if I’d keep the pace!
And no freaking way I’m going to one of those (i bet) awkward newbie meetings or ride outs…
… you wish I’d give you the chance to take the piss out of me, innit? :wink:

Anyway, sometimes I like to go to the Ace to have a coffee, smoke several packs of cigarettes, judge the look of other bikes, wait for the ordinary guy to come over and have some small talk… but I haven’t met a “londonbiker” yet!
If you see me, please come and feel free to make fun of my strong italian accent :slight_smile:

Vaughny, here some more pics

Looks really nice mate!

Looks good on the bike, can’t wait to hear them.

Don’t worry it’s a right of passage. Everyone gets ribbed over the chicken strips on their first big bike.

Come on a rideout. You ride at your own pace. Thats the beauty of the cornerman system.