My new car


What is it?

is that a serious question :wink: lol Astra Vxr of course :w00t:

Well yeah, this is a bike website after all and your car has no badges on it. I knew it was an Astra, nothing else, heh. Enjoy the car…

Do you live on a Forces housing estate? Those buildings look exactly like the ones in Pirbright camp…

And relatively nice car, though you could have got an older one and spent the saved money on/modifying a bike. :slight_smile:

Or could be any housing estate built in the last 15 yrs…

Very nice indeed, always wanted one of them, very nice cars :smiley:

They had the VXR8 on Top Gear the other week, that is an awesome car :w00t:

its only a vauxhall dontcha know ;):slight_smile:

Nice car but . . . . .

Could have bought a decent bike for that money! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Still, each to their own… :smiley: