My new car

I wish its up for £1,000,000


Veyron 8.8.06 001.jpg

Veyron 8.8.06 003.jpg

What a rip off - you can get them direct from Bugatti for only £880,000!

I don’t reckon much of the colour!

Where did you take those pics? I would love to see one of them in the flesh.

Its in a Mecedes dealer on A40 Park Royal theyve got a Maclaren SLR as well


Veyron 8.8.06 005.jpg

Veyron 8.8.06 010.jpg

There is a guy who regularly commutes to the City in the SLR; very brave if you ask me at £330,000 ish. With all the traffic, I have also yet to see it do more than about 30 mph!

P & S Motors, they are specialists in Mercedez but they often have supercars in there. The Veyron sitting is making the company very credable, there were at least 35 people all around it the first day it was there… It does look great though, bit pricey TBH… Why have a £4000 indicator signal, what does it do? Cook your breakfast in the morning?

It is up for £1,000,000 because its a hard car to buy from Bugatti itself, the waiting list from Bugatti is massive… so if you wanted a car for £880,000 would you wait ages to get it and spend that amount or spend £1,000,000 and get it now?

There also have the new Ferrari 360 in there too!


I saw those motors rolling home on sunday night whilst driving my top of the range Citroen Berlingo multispace!!!

I know which I prefer!!



wow, and they dont mind people just calling in to take pics?

would love to see one in the flesh

i worked with a guy last year, a retired architects, who had a lodger who worked for mclaren in woking.

he was telling me the guy regularly brought home the mclaren F1 when they were building it, he got a ride in it, but didnt like the driver sitting the middle!

also at the time the guy was using the mercedes mclaren slr, and he just casually told us how it just sits in his driveway!!!

who wants one of them when you can buy my Corsa at slightly less?