My New Bike...

I have been given the go ahead from the mrs to buy a new bike next summer… cant wait!!

But, I wanted something that I could use until then for ride outs, commuting now and then etc. without too much depreciation.

Well this came up and for a really good price:

Feels a lot better than my GSXR and actually really like it!!! - At least I am on the road for the winter!

Nice one, congrats!

Finally…you bought a Honda :wink:

Looking good!

Sold the gsxr for that! :frowning: Noooooo

But congrats anyway buddy!

Praise Cheeses!

Too nice for a winter hack, will you acf50 it?

Nope… the GSXR was made like crap so it was always braking. I got rid of it and then this one came up from a mate at a good price.

I will be getting some ACF 50 on it! But wont be using it all winter

touching wood, I haven’t had no issues with mine so far.

Glad you didn’t give up biking! Although I was expecting a Supermoto when I read your title.

Yeah I think if you have a good one you are fine but when you get the bad one your screwed!! - my mate also had the 750 and his was a mess… but there are plenty out there without any probs!

I did want a supermoto but a lot of my contracts are in east london and the Isle of Dogs - would of been nicked in a second. Plus my budget wasnt exactly going to get me a good one

Seen the new pics above. Looks nice and clean.

We need to catch up soon!