My New Bike

Picking her up Saturday providing the weather is OK - Can’t wait :smiley:

05 plate and only 1600 miles on the clock.




Fantastic looking bike! :wink:

…brob brob brob brob brob BROB brob brob brob brob stabs throttle BROBROBROBROBROBROBROBROOOOOAR :D:D

spot the difference?? :blink: :hehe:

ps v nice!

So you’ve gone from an SV to that :w00t:

Noice polishing :smiley:

Noice bike :slight_smile:

there is so much shiny on that bike, my eyes started to hurt looking at it for a while!

good choice there tho mate, best of luck keeping it clean!

Ello Ben, long time no see, think it was last year at the custom show at Earls court. I could tell then you was on the market for getting a H*rley :slight_smile:

Let me have a look, I’m sure I got a pic of you sitting on one somewhere on my pc …:smiley:

By the way hows your Mum :Whistling:

I reckon that Ben must have got a knock on the head whilst doing his twinkletoes bit! :wink:

Unless it is someone thats hacked Bens account :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a few more but I your winkle wernt a pleasant site :smiley:

V rods a nice bike by the way Mate, herd they pull your arms out there sockets :cool:

Don’t bring her down to the southwest if we have a gale . sea flat last weekend .nice bit of kit wife wants to get rid for something like that

Nice pic Tel, I think thats me at my best :)I’m looking forward to picking her up and giving her a run, i’m not looking forward to all the polishing afterwards tho! :hehe:

nice one ben,if it rains on saturday i will pick it up for ya:w00t:

I love the bike. The first mod I would suggest is a spoked front rim. That stock one is like having a damn sail on the front of the bike.

Ben i know your a dancer but there no reason to buy that.:wink:

I would love a Harley but the laziness in me could never look after it.

Very nice bike Ben.

Thanks for all the comments peeps, picked her up saturday and took her down to Brighton yesterday and then into devils dyke on the way home.

Lots of cleaning to do tonight now :hehe:

nice :slight_smile: