my new bike!

ok seeing as most of you have heard or even seen my new baby, i thought it was time to post some pics of the sexy beast! enjoy!

welcome to gixer ownership you`l love every second your on it

can i have me mop-head bk please :smiley:

nice bike luv…welcome to the club;).


Woo Hoo!! The streets are no longer safe :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks wicked Stace :cool:

pity about the rider…:P:w00t: only kidding! very nice x

no way!!

go on stace!! :slight_smile:

I can see I’m going to have trouble keeping up with you next time we’re out!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice bike chic… :wink:

Looks great Tattooist, very nice :smiley: Good photos too.

Now that is one sexy bike. what a sweet looking ting. welcome to the club, aint they so nice. be safe.

nice work, try not to pop this one :wink:

Nice one Stace :smiley:

[Homer voice][]" Mmmm…new bike! "[/color][/Homer voice]

Take care on it Stace!

How will Steve keep up now!? :wink:


After seeing you ride the scoot, London should be afraid…

…very afraid!:smiley:

By the way seems to be some mad blonde bird stuck in the mirror! :wink:

Very nice Stace.

Lovely looking ride. Enjoy

Very nice!! Be safe :wink:

nice bike cant go wrong with a gixer:D

sexy bike for a sexy girl babes :wink:

Hey nice bike Stace, welcome to the seven-fiddy club!! :smiley:

thanks people, well cuffed with it :smiley:

Nice bike Stace :slight_smile: