My New Bike!

Evening all, I wasgoing to post a while back but my internet connection has been down!Picked this baby up last weekend, what do you think ?

I’ve since taken off the rear pillion pegs … and I’m ordering a solo seat :smiley:

beautiful bike,
enjoy it and drive safe


Cheers Ema :slight_smile:

yep got one in red too 05 model…bought in 06 new pre reg jobbie…great bike, very naughty thought…

Nice :cool:

Yes … def!

This is an '06 model … :slight_smile:

That looks sweet mate

Looks like a nice bit of block paving that.

Can ya move that piece of Yamaha junk out the way so we can get a proper look at it ? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

nice looking bike, riding what I do wouldnt dream of extracting the urine outta someone else’s steed…unless its a 'kin HARLEY and they dont count :smiley:

that’s lovely - haven’t seen that colour scheme before :cool:

Nice ride mate, enjoy!! i got my new bike 3 days ago so i know the feeling!!!:smiley:

lol … The driveway was done by a friend of mine … if you look at the portfolio it’s the first one on there … (with Lexus on drive)Thanks for the messages guys!@ Shewolf, I hadn’t seen one that scheme prior to mine either :smiley:

nice one mate
r1 is truely lovely looking bike:)

Wasn’t altogether joking ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t see me buying an R1, but I am probably gonna be looking at getting some block paving done in the spring & that does look to be a decent job - lot of cowboys out there so good to see a decent job & happy customer. :slight_smile:

However, notice that they’re up in Ilford though & I’m down in Streatham, so may be a bit far for them to come ?

Oh, and do they offer an LB discount ? :wink:

They will travel all over London mate.

They even do out as far as Chelmsford, Kent and Watford!

The guy who owns the company, is away on holiday at the moment, so best to call in a few weeks!

Loving the bike ScareFace, the rims and can are very nice, great choice of bike. Ride safe buddy!!!

Nice looking ride dude, love the underseat cans! :w00t:

Cool, I’ll make a note of them, won’t be until spring time before I’m likely to have enough spare dosh to get it done anway - this week has reminded me that I really, really need a new boiler first ! :smiley:

very nice ride, enjoy

Beautiful bike Mate