my new bike

here is my new fz1



Very nice :cool:

Whens the chequer plate going on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good :smiley:

nice one mate

Very nice, you going to be out on it tomorrow?

Very nice, early christmas present to yourself?

nice one mate…

cant wait till i can have ago…:D.


i want one!! :stuck_out_tongue: prefer em in yellow lol

oooooooooo wow

GISA GO:D:P:cool:

Nice one mate, cant see that front tyre getting worn much…

bring it round then, i wanna go

Lovely looking Bike Mate, congratulations on your new ride :smiley:

nice one paul

Vewwy Nice:cool:

Whats the first mod gonna be then?:wink:

Very nice Paul looking forward to seeing it.:smiley:

Very nice Paul, you’re very lucky having someone like Sharon. :wink:

Very nice…

nice one paul:)

nice, i like FZ1’s…the look HUGE!:smiley:

Looking good mate, very nice.