My 'New' Bike!

Had this in my sig for a week or so, but now the bike is actually riding like a new bike too, I’m going to show it off on here!

So a while back I bought a bike that looked average-ish off ebay. On turning up to collect it the paintwork was crap, it was rusty all over the frame, someone had messed with loads of bits leaving them bodged, just in neglected state in general really. Garrett and Burger may remember seeing it at Infinity, looking like it was one step away from being ridden to the scrap yard!

The original plan was give it a coat of paint to brighten it up, but the more we stripped it down, the more we decided needed to be done!

Here is the original picture off ebay, cause I didn’t think of taking a ‘before’ pic until too late! Note that the bike looked much worse than this is real life. Some of the paintwork (back end, mudguard etc) had been crudely rubbed down and coated in Hammerite - quality. The engine was mostly bare, with the remnants of the old paint and laquer hanging off it, the wheels were dull etc etc.


We got it down to this to do the chain:

…which was a little loose!:

Head ended up coming off:

Then I spent a day and a half with a wire wheel stripping the frame to bare metal:

Painted panels etc:

Cleaned and laquered the wheels:

Even painted the engine!:

Put it back together:

Before and after:

More pics (full day by day photos) here:

Since then we’ve had the carbs out again, and found that the guy that had it last had not only put one of the diaphragms in kinked (resulting in a large hole and flooding one cylinder), but had put the jets in the wrong places! The bike now performs as it should, and is a pleasure to ride!

wow alex…absolute cracking job mate…how log did it take for the whole lot too be done and how much did you spend in the end?

i tell ya what…how ever much you spent buying it you could sell it for 3x as much!!!

fantastic job mate…ya fancy doing a slingshot next;):w00t:?


Quoted myself instead of editing, see below.

It took just over two weeks of actual work, almost full-time by my dad, I was there 3-4 days a week. There were also pauses waiting for parts etc. He had a workshop, actually specialises in restoring old cars and doing bodywork, luckily he didn’t charge me his hourly rate for all the work!

Spent 500 quid buying it, which wasn’t TOO bad since the guy had to spend 300 of that to get it through an MOT before I’d accept it!

I’m not sure my dad wants to ever see another bike again after this project! But I’d be happy to pass his details on in case anyone wants anything done, like I said he mainly specialises in paintwork but does it all really.

nice one minter! i was gonna rat mine but changed my mind on the gamma i gotta go pick up a new working engine from wot was a minter gamma with 9 thou miles on her till it got wraped round a tree!! and i have located a full brand new body kit new tank all panels and fairings for 100 then gonna send the frame off to get powder coated. then hopefull she might look half decent:D

Looks like a proper job, Well done. Amazed on your time frame,Good PM skills. Its taken me about 3 months just to paint some fairing panels. Will we ever see it out and about?

nice!! she looks grand again:D top top job;)

It was out for a while last weekend, but that was when I was running on 3 cylinders…it started misbehaving and had to be taken home early for a thrashing!

I am planning to be all over the country this summer wearing out my new tyres!

It was out for a while last weekend

I am planning to be all over the country this summer wearing out my new tyres!

And very fine it looked, too :slight_smile:

Until it nearly went ‘bang’ due to massively overheating! That’s what happens when you try and keep up with a bunch of sports bikes for 200 miles on 3 cylinders…apparently :smiley:

Note to self for next time: Stay with the 125!

cracking looking bike you got now mate…really good job you’ve done :slight_smile:

good going there. Nice to see the effort being taken to turn the bike into a nice one again.