My new bike!


Well, I’ve had the bike for a couple of weeks already! I did nearly 200 miles on my first tank of petrol, which was very impressive! Filled it up on the way home from work yesterday for the first time since I bought it.

I’ve done some riding on it now and it certainly feels heavier than my old 'Blade (I know, stating the obvious). I’ve found I really have to lean more to get it to turn and I’ve found myself drifting wide on a couple of roundabouts because it’s not turning as quickly as I’m used to. I’m sure this is just a matter of getting used to the new weight, though.

I’m very happy with the comfort and the fact that it feels like a “man’s” bike to me. I’m not a slight bloke and I’ve always dwarfed my previous sports bikes, but the Blackbird feels right to me. Just like me, it’s big with lots of padding!

what you mean is that blackbird are good for BLOATERS :smiley:

you will soon get used to the weight and chuck it round like a good un, its never gonna be as quick steering as a pure sports bike but believe me you can have fun on them :slight_smile:

what tyres you got on it ? DONT you dare say round n black

Two Wheels Only describe this bike as “indecently fast.”