My new bike!

I already posted this in the photographs section, but it strangely hasn’t appeared, so thought I’d post it here instead. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s not “new” new, but different. :wink:

It’s a 1997 Blackbird on a P plate with almost 27k on the clock. Double bubble screen and Scottoiler fitted, otherwise standard. Mine for 2750 of your finest pounds.

Bar a couple of paint blemishes on the tank, it’s in top condition.

It’s a beast, but I tell you what, it don’t half shift!

I also decided the reg number leant itself to some photoshopping… :wink:

Lol very nice bit of photoshopping !!!

Looks nice, quick a PHK i bet :wink:

Race ya !!! nice looking bike, and dont nick MY slogan I got that on my plate :smiley:

Ah, but it’s not just on my plate, it is my plate! :wink:

Looking forward to a proper ride once I’ve sorted the full time legalities out. :smiley:

Nice Bird. Respect! :wink:

Nice bike that. Pity it is too small for me to fit on, was one of the big regrets I have.

Too small? Damn mate, how tall are you? :blink:

6ft6, long legs mean the fairings are right on my knees and so it is just too uncomfortable. I could ride one for a short trips, but it would not be good for longer rides ie, touring.

Worth knowing, that. My mate’s a similar height I think and he’s thinking of getting one. Told him he can test ride mine first, but I’ll mention that to him. :slight_smile:

Sorted insurance out today. An extra £40 on the 'Blade. Not too bad, really. Insurance company faxed me the certificate, but damn the post office for not accepting it for a tax disc! I won’t be able to ride it to work tomorrow, now! :frowning:

i had my insurance company email it to me and then the print off is the same as they post to you anyway. you could give that a shot;)

great bike, but that mother flys on the motorway

Sorry, had to do it… :smiley:


yep thats better alex, but its still slower than the titanium ones :smiley:

Oh and DONT nail it over that speed hump on your road or you will get a facefull of dials :D:P

How does it compare to the blade then?

I did. They wouldn’t. :wink:

Scumbags. :frowning:

I like that! :smiley:

You’re so predictable! :wink:

How’d you know the road has speed humps? You been following me home? :blink:

I’ll let you know when I get out for a proper ride! I’m itching to get out for a decent blast! :w00t:

First impressions following Reading to home were good, though. For starters, my neck and shoulders weren’t aching! :smiley: Was soooo smooth and responsive, where as the FI on the 'Blade was a bit snatchy.

How’d you know the road has speed humps? You been following me home? :blink:

FIRST picture ya donut !!! behind the voyager :w00t::stuck_out_tongue: