my new bike isn't so pretty any more

crashed yesterday.

riding back with a couple of friends from berry hill taking it nice and easy. lead bike pulled into a layby to let a back runner (fair bit behind us) catch up but i couldn’t see that from my position following up the rear. saw brake lights of the bike in front of me and then realised i was gaining very fast and they must be stopping hard. i grab a fistful but wash out the front, skid into him (with his pillion) and carry on down the road

nothing broken for anyone thank god. i was wearing leather jeans and armour mesh jacket but they dont zip together so some road rash and pretty sore

bike is a bit mangled at the front and then resulting fairing damage from that and the slide. r&g’s gave quite a lot of protection otherwise

not very happy and will prob be bikeless for a month i guess

Oh no! Jonny! I’m so sorry mate!

Mate im so sorry 2 hear this…got to take the bad with the good…be glad ure ok and the other rider n his pillion are ok…that really is the main thing…

Anything i can do let me know

Ouch, sorry to hear about it. Shout if you need a hand with anything.

I have been wondering about those mesh jackets - would it be possible to post a pic of it from after the crash? In fact it might be worth starting a thread where we can post a short write-up of our offs with pics of the gear so that everyone can see how well certain brands hold up. Possibly even lessons learnt from the crash, so everyone can benefit from the unfortunate experience.

Sorry to hear that mate

Hope she isnt too bad!

bad luck Jb hope your not to sore!

thanks guys. yeah we all walked away (limped…) which is by far the most important thing. everything else is just stuff.

will post the pics of the jacket - you defo only get one shot at the tarmac surfing on them but thats to be expected. its the dainese one and the shoulder/backprotector are quality - the back protector especially as you’re sliding on it principally once you get through the mesh outer. just wants a zip for the leather bottom

er tips? dont fall off, it hurts

just be careful guys, almost more so when you’re taking it easy as sudden **** seemingly is more capable of catching you out

How you feeling today Ben - you ok? Hope you’re not too sore :o(

The other 2 are alright, sore this morning, 1 sprained ankle, and 1 bruised shoulder but ok. All walking/hobbling around so it’s all good. The rest is just metal and plastic, and that can be replaced. You and them can’t, so i’m just glad you’re all ok.

My Joe Rocket mesh jacket that the pillion was wearing came out A-ok, although she did hurt her shoulder but i think that was just the impact. None of the mesh is worn on that, but possibly didn’t slide as much as Ben though.

Have they taken the bike in yet??

Strewth, real sorry to hear this news mate. Hope that rash gets better soon and not too painful. Good luck with fixing that new beastie.

Sorry to hear about your off JB? I cant stress enough that although many say that they are restricted if wearing full leathers/protectors, that without them, the damage to you will be far worse? We are not all made the same, and some that have a “off” at lower speeds, end up with more damage than someone luckier going at faster speed, thats luck on the day stuff, fortunate/unfortunately?

I was doing about 45/50 when i hit a pothole 4 weeks ago, on LB rideout coming home from Worthing to London? Me and bike ended up in middle of roundabout after flipping and sliding and rolling across the tarmac? The damage i did to my left leg from ankle to knee was done when i actually HIT the kerbing on the roundabout? My Hein Gericke leathers saved my ass literally! The jkt is scuffed over the left shoulder,arm,cuffs and chest all left side? My trs have a very slight mark to left knee but other than that, they can be worn again, as can my sidi boots and even my gloves? My shoei helmet was a mess but it did its job wonderfully in that the visor stayed down and didnt flip up, although i was going along the ground watching the tarmac on it !!

At the hosp i was told 2 other bikers had died on that roundabout, within 2 wks of my accident, so i was the third, but those guys tragically lost lives? Im in process of suing the council for the potholes and ridges left after they finish road works on that roundabout? Ive had emails from other bikers saying how they have had similar “wobblers” there but they either have better handling skills than me, or they dont have blades that dont like long oblong bluddy potholes (i was concentrating on oncoming traffic to my right, to be looking on the ground for a hole?)

My gear has the hiprotec protectors that i cant praise enough, its not mesh or material its all leather? I am going to buy another jkt made of same as i now know it does what it says on the can? My bike has all over damage (but its all being done now and well on the mend thank god!)

My point in all this is, you may think what you are buying looks the bolloxs, and is lightweight blah blah…i know, ive been there and done that…BUT when that bike decides to bite your ass and you’re not ready??? The tarmac will tear into you the same way and then the world dont look so rosy? and if u have lost your life? what then? The hosp told me that if i wasnt wearing the kind of gear i was? My left leg would have been smashed to bits, or lost altogether from knee down, and my ankle would have been smashed up as well, needing months and months of micro surgery etc…thats without anything that may have happened to rest of me?

So please think on when wearing what u wear? WE all want to have fun and continue to have fun, we all want to take the pee every now and then and get a huge buzz from our bikes, thats part of this family…but most of ALL we all want to be around to continue doing so…unfortunately for some, they wont have that option anymore.

Really sorry to hear of your mishap but more importantly no one was seriously injured… Good job you had the protective clothing on!

sorry to hear that mate - hope it’s sorted quickly.


Blade you are right there girl! well said

Damn JB, that’s rotten luck! Hope you heal up quickly and harness the power of eBay for repairing the bike. It can be a wonderful source. Time to get another credit-card Get it ridable and come to Cubana, don’t worry about it not being mint, it’ll be sorted!

bad luck mate. those brakes have a serious bite eh?

oh no, and i was just admiring your bike last week!

sorry to hear that but luckily no one was seriously hurt…

Ouch, soz to hear that.
Glad to hear no one is seriously injured.
Speedy recovery to all people and plastic concerned

sorry to hear that ben glad everyone is ok mate

thanks heavens no one was hurt. hope you’re feeling better soon.

hey emma. was relieved to hear they were ok from jonesy last night - that was my first thought when i came to stop…

actually ended up with my foot between the tyre and the exhaust - lucky to lot have any twisting from that in fairness

i did put in the distance on the tarmac its true - it was amazing the way the front just tucked - didn’t get a chance to scrub off any speed at all before hitting the deck.

just been to the pharmacist and bandaged myself up as best i can and stock up on ibuprofen. very sore

they’ve already been for the bike - its fully comp and the damage to the front end is extensive, plus the damage to guido’s machine. also have the cover for lid and leathers so should receive replacement kit for the ton excess. thing is ebike apparently dont provide a couresy/hire bike in the meantime? has anyone else had this problem? no bike is going to make getting to work miserable and difficult

appreciate all the thoughts everyone. thanks for the support