My new bike for late 2011

Im 95% set on getting the below SEX MACHINE nearer the end of the year :D:D:D:D (wish there was an icon for dribbling).

Does anyone else own one?, I just wanna know what they’re like to own :smiley:

JasonB got one of these, be lucky getting one as they are limited in R version… Now remove this sh1t from the Supermoto section:D:P

+1 Wrong section :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk to JasonB as he is selling his almost brand new R and buying supermoto :wink:

He getting a 690smc? Seems everyone getting them now:w00t: will take me a while yet to get rid of the 525 and if I do I’ll see if a devtech will fit the 690 :smiley:

Keep yours! I will swap with you next year :wink:

They unique and proper supermoto, with bits falling off and heavy maintenance, not like smc once a year :smiley:

Oi oi boys play nice :stuck_out_tongue: I know drb will but having doubts bout the other one :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I owned a 660SMC back in the day, fun when it worked but really unreliable.


D’oh!.. i think thats my subconcious still wanting me to get the KTM SMC 690

Real supermotos are broken more than used:D
I’ll do a px with you as long as you don’t vinal wrap it cos it looks shit:hehe:

Just watch it you :smiley: Im gonna be sneaking into your garage at night and wrapping ur bike pink with green dots and yellow stripes :smiley:

Imagine 660 with engine that doesn’t break and needs servicing every 4500 mile only… → 690 :cool:

I’ve been lusting after one of these, but there ain’t a lot of alternatives I can find - 600cc supermoto-wise. :slight_smile: