My New bike doesn't enjoy riding at the legal limit

So, the new bike…

Finally started riding it (again), rode to college and back on Thursday & friday (Angel to Romford)
But en route home on Friday I decided that rather than giving it a fist full il casualy ride at the limit the whole way. I noticed my temp gauge was higher than previously but carried on regardless, by the time I got home it was in the red zone!

I couldn’t see/hear if the fan was on when I parked up as it was too dark/noisy.
I’ve just started pulling the cooling system apart to find the radiator has a nice dent in the side… So it’s either had the panels or the rad replaced as the panels have no cracks or enough damage on them to impact the rad…

Is this enough damage to actually cause my engine to overheat?

I wouldn’t have thought so

Overheating/coolant check listcoolant level - top upcoolant efficiency - flush system and replace coolant every 3 or 4 years
ratio of mixture 50/50 distilled water/antifreezecheck system for blockages or leakscheck operation of fanscheck operation of thermostatcheck operation of water pumpcheck operation of temperature gaugeIf all else fails you can always get it checked over at OMC or Essential Rubber

I have done the above… Everything seems fine…Cleaned the temp sensor too :hehe:
Hopefully when I get some new coolant in it tomorrow (hopefully) she will be working well!

The easiest way to tell if your radiator is knackered other than actual leaks is to find out the empty weight of a new one then compare it with the empty weight of yours. This will tell you if the core is rammed full of gunk and bits. I with one as old and looking like yours would block off an outlet pour some acid or a bottle of Barry Scott’s finest or similar in it and give it a shake around then leave it to sit with it for a few hours. Then rinse and refit.

Already refitted it num, :confused:

Just bought some nice expensive coolant… £40 for 4litres
I’m gonna chuck that in and hope for the best…


It seems my fan just doesn’t want to turn on…
Just had the bike sitting there on idle for about 40mins, temp gauge is reading HOT and my fan is still sleeping…
If I wire my fan direct to my battery it works… So I’m guessing my temperature controlled fan switch thing isn’t working… What’s the best/easiest way to check it?

Dont bother , Wire yer fan into a toggle switch and make it manual … Also …£40 quid for 4 liters of coolant … wow

I had this on a hornet - fan wasn’t switching on - I thought it might be the fan switch - but before testing/replacing the switch I considered the possibility that it might be faulty wiring.
The wiring in the loom around the headstock area can be damaged over time as a result of movement from the handlebars - it goes backwards and forwards and can rub up against the frame which can lead to breaks in wiring.
With this in mind I got the wiring diagram out and stripped the loom to expose the wiring - from the headstock to where the loom travels under the fuel tank - the wiring going to either the fan or the switch was broken (can’t remember which) - anyway - repaired the wiring and the fan started kicking in again when the switch told it to.
So it could be worth checking your wiring.

This is a good solution :slight_smile:

I did think this, but I wanted it to work properly and on a switch…

This was a debate I was having with myself and was going to be next on my list to check… But, I will admit… I made a cowboy error…

Everything seemed to work… But yet when there not plugged into direct power they don’t… So… Something was in there way, something was preventing power… Something like a collapsed bridge…

You can tell I’m still drugged up! :Wow:

You young people with your acid drops and funny cigarettes - when will you ever learn! :angry::smiley: